Halo Infinite: The first Person shooter video game to be launched soon. Release date, news and more.

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Halo Infinite

Halo finite is a first-person shooting video game. The Game is co-developed by 343 industries. It will be published by Xbox Studios for Microsoft, Xbox-one, etc. Halo Infinite is the sixth main entry of the series. The release date for the game is set somewhere in 2020. It is the 14th game overall and continues the Story of Master Chief. It is the third chapter of the Re-claimer Saga.

Basic Storyline

The Storyline of Halo Infinite is “much more human”. Master Chief this time plays a more central role than the last time.  Halo Infinite is going to be a big deal. With the last part of the series that is Halo 5 being a major disappointment, another season would be big deal. Halo series over the years has had its own set of ups and downs and is set to come up with a new season. Halo Infinite’s return is expected to charm the masses all over again. it will be a reminder to the people and the fans why games have been so highly regarded in the past.


So far there have just been few brief trailers. There has been nothing about the actual gameplay. The game is assumed to be out in 2020. It can be in the market anytime between October to December. The game can be played on PCs, Xbox One, or Xbox series X.
The developers of 343 are already working from home due to the Coronavirus. They are consistently working trying to give the best experience of the Halo Series. The developers asked people to understand that the crisis because of the coronavirus is real and precautionary. They also said that social distancing is important and it is bigger than any game and Halo. They are still doing the best of their capabilities. This shows that there are some interruptions in the development of the multiplayer fame Halo Infinite.

Certain amazing facts about the game are:

  • Forge mode is back
  • There may be micro-transactions but there are no loot-boxes
  • The Halo ring
  • Halo Infinite might not be a battle royale mode

With the teasers out and release time confirmed we would keep a close watch to keep everyone updated when the game is coming out.

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