‘RHONJ’ star Jennifer Aydin reveals coronavirus diagnosis! Another Corona- Positive case!!

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Another sad day for the world, since the COVID-19 doesn’t seem to slow down with the cases multiplying x 10.

So the latest celebrity to be diagnosed with the virus is Jennifer Aydin from Real Housewives of New Jersey. She took on her social media to tell that she has been tested positive for coronavirus on Monday after ten days of feeling sick.

The 42-year-old reality show actress asked her husband (Bill, who is a plastic surgeon) to get herself tested, after two days of “extreme fatigue” but no normal symptoms like fever, breathing issues,s or a heavy cough. But she felt tired all the time and was sleeping a lot.

On Wednesday, She shared a video on Instagram to explain to her followers why she has been “MIA” for about two weeks. She said that she has been sick for ten days and found positive for COVID-19.

Although Jennifer said she didn’t show any symptoms, later, her illness began with an intense headache and extreme night sweats. She also began to lose the sense of taste and smell.

But thankfully, she is recovering and is headed in the right direction now…

She expressed her gratitude to her doctor husband, who has taken care of the household. While she is staying in her room, practicing self-isolation. Bill is helping with the kids while staying away from Jennifer.

Jennifer is the latest celebrity who has announced being positive for the novel coronavirus. But she isn’t the only celebrity. The singer Pink has also been diagnosed with it, she has donated $1 million to help combat the pandemic. But thankfully she is doing better now.

We hope we get a hold of the pandemic as it has taken more than 80000 lives throughout the world.

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