What’s So Trendy About Makeup Hacks That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

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As any bride knows, getting ready for your big day isn’t an easy task.

You have to put in hours of work before even stepping foot outside of the house and then there’s always that worry about whether or not everything will stick intact during such public festivities as weddings! The good news?

We’ve compiled some helpful hacks so you can look great without slaving over hot lights (or wearing them) simply because we want our beauty treatments now rather than later – especially if said complexion has been breaking out lately thanks largely due to its stress levels rising following recent events.

Oily Face Hacks.

This hack is guaranteed to make your makeup last all day long! Before applying any other products, use a primer and then seal it with setting spray.

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This will help you apply the base product smoothly without having melting issues or breaking out in sweat later on during the night – perfect for weddings where there’s lots of dancing involved (and hopefully not too much alcohol drinking).

Bend liner pencil into a gel.

Have a pre-wedding function to attend and ran out of liquid eyeliner? Don’t worry, we have the perfect makeup hack for you! Pick any kohl pencil on our shelves – they are there waiting with open arms.

Makeup Hacks


Hold it under flame until 10 or 15 seconds pass by then let cool down before applying this dark liner that will work just like what professional artists use in less than ten more moments.

Use a secret weapon to give yourself wider eyes in seconds.

One way to make your lashes look even longer and drama-free is by sweeping them towards the direction of where they’re going instead of moving upwards.

To avoid clumping, preheat any brand new mascara before applying it by heating its wand in between two fingers for about thirty seconds or so (longer than you think). This will kill all those little germs that live on our hands which could cause problems with consistency—and give us better results too!

Contour your lips to get the full pouty look.

Contour your lips with a darker color pencil first, then apply the lipstick. The trick is to fill it in using light-colored lipsticks for that multidimensional effect and make them appear bigger than they already are!

How to give more color to your eyeshadow.

Head to your friend’s Haldi ceremony wearing a blue outfit and want the dramatic eyeshadow extra pop? We have one simple trick for you.


Makeup Hacks

Apply white eyeliner all over on top of other eye makeup like black kajal or brown mascara; it will blur any imperfection while intensifying color to give off an even more intense gaze when they turn back around!

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Finally, dust some gold glitter under each brow bone (speaking from personal experience)to finish off this look fully–and impress those guests.

Learn how to create the perfect liner wing with this basic guide.

Every girl has the same struggle when it comes to a winged eyeliner. The hassle of perfecting every single time can be so frustrating!

Well, we’ve got your solution right here–and all you need is two products liquid gel liner (to create a sharp line) and kohl pencils or powder eye shadows that blend seamlessly together for them not only to look good but feel comfortable.

Too since they’re both creamy formulas which will allow ease while drawing on their edges without having anything show through whatsoever if applied correctly.

Make your lipstick stay so long.

There’s a secret to keeping your makeup in place that you should know about! After applying lipstick and blotting, take one tissue with clear sides. Know here all makeup hacks and all details.

Hold it over the surface of each lip for 1-2 seconds before carefully removing any excess moisture from around its edges using gentle pressure away from yourself so no air bubbles enter through this opening when dispensing them onto yourself or others.

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Your favorite shade will stay stickier longer thanks not only because they’re staying pigmented but also due to anti-aging ingredients like vitamin E which helps promote collagen growth within cells thus making us younger-looking people.

Know about concealer work perfect.

Concealer is often used to cover up any number of things, but the best way – in my opinion at least-is using it like you would find.

Apply with an even layer across your face and use whatever brush or sponge works for each application (I prefer sponges).

The key here isn’t getting too much product on hand; just enough so that when blended into the skin no part feels sheer nor did I feel cakey while applying! I mean who wants something artificial anyways?

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