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Melted Lipstick Swatch

I’m not much of a gloss girl, but I do love how pigmented these Melted Lipstick Swatch latex high shine liquified lipsticks are. They have such rich colors and they’re so easy to apply!

The only problem is that some perform better than others- especially the clear one which was my favorite because it’s lightweight without any sticky feeling on your lips.

Melted Lipstick Swatch

You can’t go wrong with anything else unless maybe it’s too dark or greasy looking against whatever color combo you choose for an application.

Melted Lipstick Swatch

The shades of these glosses varied, with “Hopeless Romantic” being my favorite. It’s an opaque red that contains no harmful chemicals and is easily applied without any tricky brush bristles getting in your way!

Why You Must Experience Too Faced Melted Lipstick At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

The shades that stood out to me were “Hopeless Romantic,” “Love U Mean It” and Rated R. What I loved most is how each of these products kissed my pearly whites without making them look like they’ve got paint on their face! The one exception? The red gloss – Bossy- made everything else stick around after just a smile or two (and let’s face it; we shouldn’t be using any product in such an obvious place).

These glosses are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their teeth looking great without having to apply anymore mouth- Damage caused by eating and drinking during our daily lives. The shades of these lipsticks will suit any skin tone, making it easy not only to match your outfit but also to feel confident knowing you have matching pout payoff!

If you want your lips to look and feel like they’ve been inited by a professional make-up artist, then Too Faced Melted Lipstick is the perfect product for you.

It’s a pigmented formula that lasts long without drying out or transferring onto other foods after application (talk about looking good while eating!), this lipstick will have every woman in love with how beautiful she looks on her terms!

I was so excited to try these new Melted lips shades from Too Faced! I love that they released more natural-looking colors, like the one I have on today (“Cocoa Heaven”).

Here is what it looks like in person:
I fell head over heels for this rich chocolate brown right away and couldn’t wait until our shoot since the shot required us both to be wearing makeup; butterscotch wasn’t far behind either–it’s such an intense tint without any traceable lines around your mouth or anywhere else which makes sure everyone gets their share of attention.

 Know all the details about  Too faced Melted Liquid Long Wear Lipsticks!

These lip colors are so amazing. They last for hours, they don’t feather or fade away like most other products do when you’re talking about the name of this product says it all – long wear time.”

Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick is the perfect way to get that lasting lip color without having to apply tons of different products. This long-wear lipstick contains exclusive technology which keeps its cauldrons liquid and creamy, so you can wear them for hours without losing your favorite flavor!

I am absolutely in love with the new melted lipstick shades from Too Faced! I want to try so many of them, but my favorite is their Melted Violet which has notes of lavender. It’s a perfect combination for me because anything purple just makes me happy no matter what life throws at you – even if it’s raining outside like today haha 🙂

 Review on Melted Lipstick Swatch new sades.

  • Chocolate Cherries
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Chocolate Honey
  • Metallic Chocolate Diamond
  • Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • Metallic Candy Bar
  • Anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder
  • Mood-boosting chocolate scent
  • High impact color
  • Long-lasting color-saturated finish
  • Comfortable, flexible, cushiony wear
  • Rich lasting shine
  • Precision tip applicator for easy, mess-free application.

I have 4 best shades to show you


Melted Lipstick Swatch


Too faced has come out with a new collection of melted lipsticks that look like they’re straight from the ’90s. The shades will be released on Black Friday which is perfect timing since it also happens to be Cyber Monday this week!

I was so excited about these releases because my favorite thing in makeup lately has been liquid lipstick formulas but Too Faced just made them even better by adding more glitter into each application process – talk about taking things over the top :)They are metallic shades that will be perfect for party season!

Melted Lipstick Swatch

‘Melted Sugar’ is a beautiful color that doesn’t work well with my skin tone. I got more of an olive complexion since then, but it still wasn’t accurate in the slightest bit!

If you’re light-colored though…this would be perfect for you – just make sure to test out any lipstick shades on yourself before buying them because sometimes they don’t match up properly online or when purchase straight off store shelves

The input states “I’ve gotten” which makes no sense without mentioning what has happened previously

The formula, I feel, is a bit thinner than other colors in this line, so it takes a bit more work to get an even application of this lipstick.

Also, because of the color and consistency, if you have any sort of flaking or cracked lips, it will be amplified when you put it on. Something to keep in mind when considering if you want to purchase this color.

Melted Lipstick Swatch


The next color I tried out was ‘Melted Chihuahua’. This beautiful, muted mauve and taupe shade are AMAZING! The consistency of this lipstick feels very opaque on the lips even if you have dryness or any other concerns which keeps me happy as well because it’s just so universal for every occasion no matter what eyeshadow colors combo might be happening that day – worth every penny spent 🙂

Every time I wear this lipstick, people tell me how much they love the color. It’s a great universal shade that goes with everything and feels amazing on your lips!

This product has been one of my favorite items in recent memory- not just because it looks fabulous but also due to its quality construction as well as offering lots of potential room for customization options when selecting shades (there’s something here everyone will be able to).

Melted Lipstick Swatch

Lastly, I have Melted Velvet. As you can see from this picture it’s one of those classic beautiful deep reds that gives me a confidence boost the instant I apply them!

The consistency and pigmentation are very much like my favorite lipstick -Meltdown Chihuahua; opaque but soft at first touch with just enough emotion behind its every hue bringing out tones in people’s faces when they smile excitedly or laugh joyously knowing no matter what life throws our way we will always find beauty within ourselves even if outside circumstances don’t reflect how.

My collection of Melted lipsticks continues to grow, with more cool hues that are long-wearing and vibrant. The recent metal-looking version isn’t my favorite but original melters still rule! Pick up a shade from this line for an exciting new experience in glossy lips.

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