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How to Choose a Pair of Best Batting Gloves

Cricket batsmen use the best batting gloves during the batting phase of the game. When hitting the cricket ball, batting cricket gloves provide comfort, blister prevention, warming, increased grip, and shock absorption.

Batting cricket gloves are available in a variety of sizes, including men’s batting gloves, youth batting gloves, boys batting gloves, and tiny boys Best Batting Gloves.

Best Batting gloves can be divided into two profiles.

  • Traditional batting gloves
  • Modern batting gloves

Traditional batting gloves do not have finger cuts, whereas modern gloves have finger cuts. Traditional cricket gloves have single full-length finger padding. They are generally filled with cotton because of which they are heavy by nature.

Modern batting gloves are more flexible and give advanced protection to the hand. Comfort could be considered a result of a combination of flexibility, feel and ventilation. Best batting gloves also come in traditional shapes where they are filled with foam and hence they are lighter by nature.

Finger cushioning, finger cuts, palm, strap, and sweat cuff are all features of the best batting gloves. The material used in the palm and finger padding of a batting glove is what sets it apart. Cricket The padding on the palm and fingers of batting gloves varies. The feel of the best batting gloves materials, particularly the material in touch with the palm, can provide comfort when batting for lengthy periods.

Finger padding of the best batting gloves has two materials. They are

  • Foam
  • Cotton

Despite its low weight, the foam provides the same level of protection as cotton cushioning. Finger cuts can be found on certain contemporary batting gloves. The finger cutouts let you have a better grip on the bat by adding more wrap around the handle. Cotton padding is, on average, less expensive than foam cushioning. Beginners are also more likely to utilise cotton padding.

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The cheapest choice for cricket Best Batting Gloves is cotton palm. Long durations of gaming might cause chafing in your hands. In hotter weather, cotton absorbs moisture, making the Best Batting Gloves unpleasant and making keeping a solid grip difficult. PVC is utilised as a reinforcement in regions that are subjected to a lot of wear and tear.
Cricket batting gloves with a leather palm provide enhanced comfort and feel while retaining a high degree of durability.
Straps and sweat cuffs are two more terms that are commonly used. Straps are utilised to keep the gloves on the hand in place. These straps now include a perspiration cuff that absorbs sweat from your brow while you’re playing.


 Best Batting Gloves

Best Batting Gloves

The Gray-Nicolls Legend Batting Glove is our pick for the 2020 cricket season. This simple-looking glove offers all the characteristics a batter needs for maximum crease protection.

The gloves are designed in the classic ‘interlocking V’ or shark tooth pattern. The index and middle fingers are four parts, whereas the ring and pinky fingers, as well as the thumb, are three pieces. The design provides a full range of motion while opening and closing the hand, allowing for optimum movement.

A ‘Trizone Pro Shield Impact Bar’ is located on the glove’s side. This protects the side of the hand from any potentially harmful blows. This element, we believe, is excellent for restoring batsman confidence by providing more safety while playing hazardous strokes like the sweep.

Pittard ‘Gripster’ leather was used to make the palm. When gripping a bat, this leather is supple, pleasant, and provides excellent grip. The leather reacts in a way that improves with repeated wear. Sweating causes greater friction between the leather and the bat handle, which improves grip.

The dual-sided wrist towel, which is ideal for wiping away perspiration on hot days, is another feature worth mentioning. We think the overall simple style is beautiful and would go well with any cricket bat. The gloves are also quite light, which makes them ideal for lengthy innings.

The pricing is our sole criticism about these gloves. These are at the very top of the market and cost a lot of money. However, we believe that this investment is worthwhile. Year after year, this product has been researched and enhanced, and we believe that the current edition is genuinely a product that will provide the best degree of protection and durability season after season.

Pros of best batting gloves

  • Pittards ‘Gripster’ leather palms for fantastic grip.
  • Multi-sectioned interlocking V design for increased layer protection.
  • Tri-zone Pro Shield impact bar protects the side of the hand.
  • Quad-layer protection absorbs impact.


Best Batting Gloves


Best Batting Gloves

If you’re working with a budget of less than £25 to work with, the Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts collection is a must-have. The Off Cuts Academy Batting Gloves, in particular, provide exceptional value because of their unique approach to product design and aesthetics.

The gloves are made from leftover materials from other Gray-Nicolls items and are made in the same manner as the Off Cut Pro. Because each pair of gloves is made up of various coloured leftover material, each pair is unique. For under £25, you are essentially obtaining your one-of-a-kind cricket glove.

The most notable aspect of these gloves is that they have the same look as the standard academy line, but because of the various materials utilised, they are almost £10 cheaper.

The Academy style, which focuses on the outside, employs the traditional ‘sausage finger’ design to provide maximum protection against errant balls. Due to their high degrees of elasticity, the gloves allow for a wide range of natural hand movements.

The high-quality leather palms provide batsmen with incredible comfort and durability, allowing them to stay at the crease for long periods. Not only that, but they’re also light, which is a must for batting gloves intended for your players.

The Tri-layer protection system is another essential aspect. This three-tiered technique spreads the force of medium and fast bowling, lowering the risk of major injury.

Make a statement at the crease with these excellent cricket gloves, which are ideal for anybody new to the game and on a budget.

Pros of best batting gloves

  • Off-Cuts is exactly as the name suggests, a range of batting gloves that have been manufactured from the leftover material of old products.
  • A pair of Off-Cuts can be any combination of colours, no one pair of gloves is the same in terms of colour.
  • If you like your cricket gear loud, these will be the gloves for you.


Best Batting Gloves

Best Batting Gloves

The Kookaburra Kahuna Pro are undoubtedly a pair to consider if grip is the only thing you care about in a set of batting gloves. When gripping a cricket bat, these gloves, which are styled in the iconic Kahuna green colours, produce a lot of friction.

The gloves’ palms are constructed of Pittard ‘Quartz’ leather. When playing a shot, the leather feels incredibly soft, and the ‘Quartz’ print provides for optimum grip. Pittard leather is a one-of-a-kind product. The degree of grip provided by the leather increases when the hands sweat. As you utilise these gloves game after game, your grip levels will gradually improve. Pittard leather is exceptionally long-lasting and may be used year after year.

The Neoprene wristband is a standout element of these gloves. A towelled wristband is usually seen on a regular pair of batting gloves. Neoprene is a soft material that is commonly used in wrist and ankle braces. A Neoprene wristband has the benefit of being incredibly soft, lightweight, and quick to dry. These gloves are ideal for hot days because of this.

The gloves include a split-finger design for protection. High-density foam is placed inside each finger to cushion the shock of every cricket ball. The tips of each finger are strengthened with reinforced fibre tips, ensuring that the fingers’ ends are also protected.

We had to say something about how comfortable these gloves are. The brushed cotton lining ensures a comfortable fit. Perforations in the glove’s palm and side ventilation lining offer excellent levels of breathability, keeping the hands cool even throughout extended innings.

These gloves are for you if you are serious about cricket and require a pair of gloves that will provide optimum grip while under pressure to score runs.

Pros of best batting gloves

  • DNA: Pro Grade 1+ quality.
  • “Palm: High Traction Pittards ‘Quartz’ Leather.
  • “Anti-Wear Patch: Pittards ‘Quartz’ Leather (palm) & Leather (heel).
  • Back: Premium PU.


Best Batting Gloves


Best Batting Gloves

Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts Pro Batting Gloves are our favourite alternative for around £50. A high-quality and loud design is created using recycled materials from production left-over gloves.

The Offcuts Pro is designed in the same manner as the Prestige glove. The silhouette is based on a “sausage finger” shape, which provides excellent protection for the entire hand.

Offcuts is a fantastic concept, in our opinion. The product not only looks great, but it may also save you money and help the environment at the same time. The first response to these gloves has been overwhelmingly positive, and we fully anticipate Gray-Nicolls to expand the Offcuts line.

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Pros of best batting gloves

  • Off-Cuts is exactly as the name suggests, a range of best Batting Gloves that have been manufactured from the leftover material of old products.

5. Best Batting Gloves- CHASE R7 BATTING GLOVES

Best Batting Gloves


Best Batting Gloves

The Chase R7 Batting Gloves are a wonderfully affordable alternative. We believe the features of this pair of gloves give the greatest value for money on the market for under £35.

Starting with the outside, each finger features three splits that feel incredibly flexible. Each finger has a rounded fibre shell insert that shields the tops of the hands from any potential collisions.

Premium calf leather is used for the palms, which feels exceptionally robust and long-lasting. A sufficient amount of air circulation is ensured through perforations in the palm. Along with the thumb, a breathable mesh is utilised to keep the hands from overheating.

A stretchy towelling wristband, like with virtually all cricket gloves, secures the gloves in place and may be used to wipe away any sweat on a hot day. Aside from that, the gloves are quite light, weighing only approximately 176 to 177 grammes.

The all-white stripped back style is one of our favourites. We think this design will look great with just about any bat. The additional embossing of the R7 emblem, which is normally a finish found on more costly gloves, gives the gloves a true luxury feel.

To summarise, these gloves are ideal for those who are on a tight budget. They look fantastic, are comfy, and are of excellent quality. These gloves should last a long time before needing to be replaced.


Best Batting Gloves



Best Batting Gloves

The Adidas Incurza 1.0 Best Batting Gloves is a wonderful alternative for any cricketer and is now available for around £75. This is the best batting glove in the Adidas 2020 lineup, and there are a lot of reasons why you should check it out.

To begin with, we believe the gloves are really beautiful. The colour combination of solar red and black is stunning. If you have an Incurza bat, these gloves will be an excellent addition to your collection.

The gloves are designed in the shape of a shark tooth or ‘V shield’ split-finger. The design provides for maximum hand movement. We have the sense that these gloves will not withstand a lot of use. The thumb is a two-piece thick thumb.

The gloves protect the hand from all sides. The ends of the fingers are protected by TPU inserts on each finger. Each glove is extremely light, coming in at approximately 170-172 grammes.

Because of the palm material, this set of gloves differs somewhat from other high-end rivals. Pittard leather is used sparingly in this style, despite being the standard material for all high-end gloves. Pittard covers the thumb area somewhat, while sheepskin leather covers the remainder of the palm. The leather is still smooth and supple, and it appears to be well-made. The palm has perforations that keep it cool.

This set of gloves is presently on sale at various shops and is a top-of-the-line deal that will last for many seasons.

When you’re at the crease and looking to score some runs, you need to have the best batting gloves on. Cricket batsmen use batting gloves for a variety of reasons- comfort, blister prevention, warming up, increased grip and shock absorption. There are two types of Best Batting Gloves- traditional and modern. We’ve put together a list of the top 6 best batting gloves for you to check out!

Features of Best Batting Gloves

  1. Comfort: One of the most important things about batting gloves is that they are comfortable. You’ll be wearing them for a while, so you need something that isn’t going to cause any blisters or discomfort. Look for padded palms and snug-fitting cuffs.
  2. Blister Prevention: A lot of people get blisters when they first start wearing batting gloves, but that’s because they haven’t found the right pair yet. Look for gloves with a good amount of padding on the palms and between the fingers. This will help to prevent any unwanted blisters from forming.
  3. Warming: When you’re out in the middle of batting, it can be quite cold. That’s why it’s a good idea to find gloves that will help to keep your hands warm. Look for gloves with thermal lining or Thinsulate insulation.
  4. Increased Grip: One of the main things you want from your batting gloves is increased grip. This will help you to hold onto the bat tightly and give you more control over the ball. Look for gloves with a good grip texture and extra gripping points.
  5. Shock Absorption: When you’re hitting the cricket ball, it’s important to have some shock absorption in your gloves. This will help to protect your hands from any impact damage that may occur. Look for gloves with thick padding and good ventilation.

Tips for Buying Best Batting Gloves

  • Make sure they fit well: Your batting gloves must fit snugly so that they don’t move around when you’re batting. Try them on before you buy them to make sure they are the right size and have a good fit.
  • Choose the right type: There are two types of batting gloves- traditional and modern. Choose the type that is best suited to your batting style.
  • Consider the weather: If you’re playing in cold weather, make sure you choose a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm. If you’re playing in hot weather, look for a pair of gloves with good ventilation.
  • Try them out: When you buy a new pair of gloves, make sure you try them out in the nets or a practice match before using them in a real game. This will help to ensure that they are comfortable and fit well.


1-What are the different types of batting gloves?

There are two types of batting gloves- traditional and modern. Traditional batting gloves have been around for a long time and are usually made from leather. Modern batting gloves are made from synthetic materials and tend to be more lightweight and comfortable.

2-Do I need to wear batting gloves?

It is not compulsory to wear batting gloves, but they are highly recommended. They will help to protect your hands from any impact damage and keep them warm in cold weather.

3-Where can I buy batting gloves?

You can purchase batting gloves at most sporting goods stores or online. There are a variety of brands and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you.

4-What should I look for when choosing batting gloves?

When choosing batting gloves, you need to consider the fit, type, and weather conditions. Make sure they fit well and are comfortable to wear. If you’re playing in cold weather, choose a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm. If you’re playing in hot weather, choose a pair of gloves with good ventilation.

5-How do I know which size batting gloves to buy?

Most batting gloves are available in men’s, youth, boys’, and tiny boys’ sizes. Make sure you choose the right size for your hands so that they fit snugly.

6-What is the difference between traditional and modern batting gloves?

Traditional batting gloves are made from leather and have been around for a long time. Modern batting gloves are made from synthetic materials and tend to be more lightweight and comfortable. They also offer increased grip, shock absorption, and thermal lining or Thinsulate insulation.

7-Should I try out batting gloves before buying them?

It is always a good idea to try out batting gloves before you buy them. This will help to ensure that they are the right size and fit well. You can try them out in the nets or a practice match.

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