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Best Mini Projectors

The Best Mini Projectors are small enough to take with you anywhere you need to go, but big enough to provide great entertainment on any surface. For entertainment and meetings, often households and offices use a projection machine instead of a television. However, such configurations are normally semi-permanent and aren’t meant to be moved about.

Portable projectors, on the other hand, typically make compromises on items like battery life and resolution to stay compact and portable. They’re often used for handheld amusement or, in some cases, presentation rigs. It’s a big deal that you can step into every office and set up a projector for the new PowerPoint. It’s also fantastic if you can project a movie onto your tent’s wall.

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The trick is to strike the right balance between portability and functionality. Any of the projectors on this page can be tucked into a bag or briefcase, and they all have a mix of both. Before we begin, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the terms we’ll be using, such as nits, light, and lumens.

1. Anker Nebula Capsule II

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

Anker is our choice for the best overall portable projector. The Nebula Capsule II is around the size of a soda can, so it fits comfortably into your pocket or purse; however, be careful not to scratch the lens glass. This projector has Android 9 pre-installed, so it can run its operating system. That means you can download a variety of applications to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, including Netflix, Hulu, and others.

There’s also an HDMI port for connecting media players to the projector, such as a DVD player, gaming device, or phone. The built-in 270-degree speaker is pleasant to listen to and works with Google Assistant. With autofocus and projection sizes ranging from 40 to 100 inches, this is a great projector to take with you wherever you go, even if it is a bit pricey.

The volume up and down controls, the approval button, the return button, and the navigation keys are all located on the top. There are four ports on the bottom: an audio jack for headphones or powered external speakers, an HDMI input for connecting to a monitor, a Blu-ray player, PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch, or other data or video source, and a USB connection. There’s also a USB-A port for a flash drive or mouse/keyboard, as well as a USB-C charging port.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Built-in Android
  • Autofocus
  • Google Assistant

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Expensive

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 720p | Brightness: 200 ANSI lumens | Contrast Ratio: Not listed | Projection Size: 40 to 100 inches


2. APEMAN NM4 Mini Portable Projector

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

One of the smallest projectors on our list is the Apeman Projector M4. It’s about the size of a battery pack and packs a surprising amount of audio into a tiny box. The lack of wireless networking and dim brightness are the tradeoffs. To get the best out of this, you’ll need to be in a dark space.

The projector, on the other hand, comes with a 3,400 mAh battery that can also be used to charge your tablet. However, you might want to avoid doing so because the projector’s battery life would only last about two hours.

You can connect your devices using HDMI or USB, and the included tripod makes setting up the projector a breeze. The default resolution on the projector is 480p, but it can project up to 1080p depending on the input resolution. The projector is nearly small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, making it ideal for travelers or campers.

The configuration method is very user-friendly since the Apeman M4 has no user interface or network connectivity. It comes with a 75 percent battery charge right out of the box. Simply connect the included HDMI cable to an HDMI source such as a Blu-ray player, laptop, or game console to see the effects right away. The simple configuration is particularly appealing to non-technical users who want to get started right away without fiddling with any configurations or menus.

Connecting your phone or tablet, on the other hand, could be a problem. Only HDMI is supported by the Apeman M4. Although a mini-HDMI converter is included in the package, an external adapter to convert to HDMI is needed if you choose to attach an Apple iPhone or iPad.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Tiny
  • Impressive sound
  • Built-in battery pack
  • Includes tripod
  • 1080p

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Dim
  • Short battery life
  • No wireless connectivity

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 1080p | Brightness: 50 ANSI lumens | Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 | Projection Size: 30 to 100 inches


3. Vankyo Leisure 3

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

The Vankyo Leisure 3 projector is a good value-for-money choice that includes anything you’ll need to transport it, including a case. VGA, HDMI, USB, MicroSD, RCA, and others are only a few of the input options.

Leisure, as its name implies, is intended for use at home rather than in the workplace. The 2,400 lumens are dim, and you’d like a lot of natural light in an office to get a clear shot here.

If you’re watching at home, make sure the projector is in the right spot, which can be difficult. You won’t be able to raise the projector’s level because there are no feet on it, and the height adjustment doesn’t go very high, so keep that in mind. Still, if you’re looking for a cheap projector for home use, this is a decent one, and it’ll fit with almost every computer you can think of.

We found the Vankyo Leisure 3’s configuration to be easy and convenient. We plugged it in, switched it on, and used our laptop to monitor the VGA and HDMI links. When we hit the auto-detect button, our computer screen appeared on the projection surface immediately. The SD card and USB interfaces were similarly simple to set up—just plug your gadget into the socket, and the projector would know it.

You can lift the image on our projection surface by adjusting the kickstand on the bottom of the projector, and you can quickly change the image with the keystone. We had no trouble locating the correct keystone setting, but focusing was a little more difficult—the lens was so loose and wobbly that it took a little longer to get the focus we needed.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Included carrying case
  • Lots of input options
  • Very inexpensive

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Dim
  • Hard to aim properly

Other Features

Resolution: 1080p | Brightness: 2400 lumens | Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 | Projection Size: 32 to 176 inches


4. Optoma ML750ST

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

Optoma is a well-known brand of projectors, and the ML750ST is no different. It’s remarkably short, measuring just over 4 inches in length, but considering its diminutive size, it produces vivid and colorful colors. Furthermore, since this is a short-throw projector, you can get next to your screen while still enjoying a wide viewing space. You will get a screen size of up to 54 inches diagonal by sitting just 36 inches apart.

Since the projector is so costly, the lack of built-in wireless networking is a disappointment. You can buy a wireless dongle to attach your phone or device to the projector separately, but at Optoma’s price, you shouldn’t have to.

The included carrying case is convenient since it allows you to transport all of the required cables. This projector would be ideal for a dim conference room in an office setting. While 700 lumens is insufficient for a bright presentation space, it should suffice if the lights are turned off.

There are vents and fans on either side of the projector. The tiny speaker is located on the back, along with all of the essential ports: USB, HDMI/MHL, micro SD, 3.5mm audio jack, DC power jack, and Optoma’s exclusive Universal I/O, which attaches to VGA with the provided cable. Three rubber feet are included on the rim, as well as a regular threaded hole for mounting on a tripod (sold separately). Without the use of a tripod, the front foot of the projector may be unscrewed to lift the front of the projector significantly.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Short throw projector
  • Included carrying case

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Wireless connectivity is sold separately
  • Expensive

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 1080p | Brightness: 700 ANSI lumens | Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1 | Projection Size: 16 to 135 inches


5. ViewSonic M1+ Smart Projector

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

The Viewsonic M1+ Smart Projector offers a crisp image and a sleek style. The projector’s maximum resolution is 480p, with shaky autofocus, which isn’t ideal, but the rest of the projector is impressive.

The projector’s built-in stand not only serves to hold it up and point it, but it also covers over the lens to shield it during travel. When you add on the excellent sound and long battery life, our critic declares it the highest value yet.

This projector is so compact and lightweight that it almost slips into the back pocket of your trousers. This projector is ideal for watching movies on the go, such as at a friend’s house or while hiking. It’s not designed for commercial use, owing to the lack of emphasis and poor resolution.

The ViewSonic M1+ is simple to set up and use, which is fortunate because the manual isn’t very helpful (I struggle with picture-only instructions). When I first opened the case, I discovered that swiveling the stand to reveal the lens turns on the device. It was easy to plug and play presentations, photographs, and pictures after that.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Built-in multi-function stand
  • Battery life
  • Great sound

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Low resolution
  • Auto-focus can be glitchy

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 480p | Brightness: 120 lumens | Contrast Ratio: 120,000:1 | Projection Size: Up to 100 inches


6. AAXA P7 LED Projector

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

The AAXA P7 is a perfect pick if you’re going on a road trip and want to bring a portable projector with you. This tiny cube, which measures 4 x 4 x 3 inches (LWH), accepts HDMI, USB, MicroSD, AV, and mini-VGA input. In short, it should work with almost any gadget you bring on your ride. The LED bulb has a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. The projector’s sound isn’t great, and the battery only lasts about 90 minutes, so make sure you have access to water.

The projector comes with a tripod, but it isn’t the most sturdy, so be patient or carry your own. Otherwise, picture output would be fine up to 120 inches in height at 1080p. Since you’ll need to be close to electricity, this projector will also fit well in an office. Otherwise, keep the analysis to a bare minimum.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Lots of input choices
  • Long LED life

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Poor battery life
  • Not good tripod
  • Bad audio

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 1080p | Brightness: 600 lumens | Contrast Ratio: Not listed | Projection Size: Up to 120 inches


7. Elephas GC333 Mini Projector

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

This Elephas GC333 is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a decent projector on a budget. The projector is usually less than $100 and offers a bright, 1080p image as well as excellent audio.

DespEven thoughts the projector is bigger than the majority of the ones on this list, it has several features that would usually be reserved for a higher-end projector. It supports a wide range of gadgets, including your handset, tablet, game console, and even a streaming dongle.

The fan is very noisy, so keep that in mind, but the built-in speakers have excellent audio. Though less compact than its competitors, this projector is an excellent option for the home or office on a budget. You won’t take this projector camping, and you won’t carry it in your bag or briefcase, but you will use it as a perfect theatre console in a meeting room or your dining room.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Price
  • Clear picture
  • Good audio

Cons  Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Loud fan
  • Bigger than most mini projectors

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 1080p | Brightness: 5000 lumens | Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 | Projection Size: Up to 200 inches


8. BenQ HT2050A

Best Mini Projectors

Best Mini Projectors

Movies and workshops aren’t the only things you can do with a projector. They’re also geared for gamers. The sensation of blasting enemies on a 300-inch screen is incredible, and the BenQ HT2050A is designed for low latency input, which can make or break a gaming system. However, this projector has a vivid, transparent image with a high contrast ratio, making it ideal for gaming.

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Since it is the largest projector on the list, it is not quite compact. It does, however, have a variety of mounting options, but no brackets are included. Regardless, HDMI, RCA, VGA, and a MicroSD card slot are among the many input choices. This is the projector to use if you’re a gamer and want to add a finishing touch to your living space.

Pros Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Low latency
  • The bright, clear picture
  • Many input options

Cons Of Best Mini Projectors

  • Not very portable
  • No mounting brackets

Looking for a projector that is small and compact? Check out our list of the best mini projectors! These projectors are perfect for travel and can be easily taken with you wherever you go. We have included both budget-friendly and high-end options in this list, so there is something for everyone. Be sure to read through the reviews before making your purchase, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Features to look for when purchasing a mini projector:

  1. Resolution: This is especially important if you plan on using your mini projector for business presentations or watching movies. Make sure to get a projector with a resolution of at least 1280×720.
  2. Brightness: A brighter projector will be better suited for use in a well-lit room, while a projector with a lower brightness rating is ideal for use in a dark room.
  3. Battery life: If you plan on using your mini projector on the go, be sure to get one with long battery life.
  4. Inputs: Make sure that the projector has all of the inputs you need, including HDMI, VGA, and USB.

Tips for using your mini projector:

  • If you are presenting to a group, try to position the projector so that it is in the center of the group. This will ensure that everyone can see the presentation.
  • When watching movies or TV shows, try to sit close to the projector. This will help to create a more immersive experience.


Q:1 What is the difference between a mini projector and a portable projector?

A: A mini projector is a typically smaller and more compact than a portable projector. Mini projectors also tend to have shorter battery lives and lower resolutions than portable projectors.

Q:2 Can I use my mini projector outdoors?

A: It depends on the projector. Some projectors have a rating for use in outdoor venues, but many are not designed to be used outside.

Q:3 Can I connect my smartphone or tablet to a mini projector?

A: Yes! Most mini projectors come with an HDMI input that can be used to connect your device via an MHL cable.

Q:4 Can I connect my laptop to a mini projector?

A: Yes, most laptops have VGA or HDMI outputs that can be used to connect them to the majority of mini projectors on the market.

Q:5 How do I clean my mini projector?

A: The best way to clean your mini projector is with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use an air duster, but be careful not to spray it directly into the lens of the projector.

Q:6 Can I connect my cable box or satellite receiver to a mini projector?

A: Yes! Most mini projectors come with a VGA input that can be used to connect your device.

Q:7 What is the resolution of the mini projector?

A: This varies from projector to projector. Be sure to check the specs before making your purchase.

Other Features Of Best Mini Projectors

Resolution: 1080p | Brightness: 2200 lumens | Contrast Ratio: 15000:1 | Projection Size: Up to 300 inches

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